The Vision for the Mandir

The Gayatri Mandir was created by the Gayatri Association to best support its purpose of providing cultural and international music. It is an outdoor temple deigned to support ones opening of the heart in a natural setting of magnificent sunsets seen across the Ionian sea.

The Gayatri Association, a Greek nonprofit organisation, exists to support cultural and international music to be available to our community and visitors here.In keeping with this purpose Mantra singing workshops are held here annually by Deva Premal and Miten as well as occasionally by other artists.

These events help to support the other purpose of the GA which is to provide a hospice space to support persons in need of a loving environment to pass their final days leading to their passing on. We wish to provide them with the most comfort possible in these last days of their life and to provide a meditative and peaceful space for them.

Carols Cottage is a two room facility being set up to provide tranquility and and a loving environment for this hospice work to be available. It overlooks the Gayatri Mandir.

christosGayatri Mandir vision