Deva Premal and Miten’s Gayatri Festival with Manose and friends

July 22 - 27 & August 5 – 10 , 2018

We welcome children at the Gayatri Mandir.

All children aged 2-16 years must enroll with the Childcare and Activities program.

The Childcare and Activities program offers child supervision and activities at the Gayatri Mandir during all the morning and evening chanting sessions.
There is building construction still happening at the Mandir , for safety – any time your child is not with you they need to be in the Children’s program .

Before you register for the Festival please email for the full details of the Childrens program , including times and costs .

Children who enjoy participating in the chanting sessions are welcome to join the sessions at no additional cost , on the provision they respect the meditative aspect of the sessions.
Please confirm when you register for the Festival if you are bringing children to the Gayatri Mandir.

We will send you more children’s program details after you have registered for the Festival .